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Houston is the best way to manage Envoy at scale.

What is Envoy?

As applications become progressively less centralized, the communication between microservices becomes one of the most important points of observation and control. Envoy is an open-source smart proxy that abstracts away the network layer from the application, making your system more robust, flexible, and secure.

Envoy is only the data plane. To effectively run a fleet of Envoys at scale, you need a control and management plane. That’s where Turbine Labs comes in.

Observe Globally

See the same metrics across all services, with no in-process instrumentation. Houston configures Envoy to produce detailed statistics on each service, URL, and machine.

Centralize Routing

Configure all your routing in one place. Ditch the sprawling mass of HAProxy configs, NGINX rewrites, and F5 rules.

Serve Reliably

Take advantage of Envoy’s smart load balancing by integrating with service discovery for automatic failover, circuit breaking, and more.

Keep a record

Houston automatically keeps a record of all changes, from unexpected infrastructure changes to your latest release.

Houston is 100% API-driven, so you can automate everything.

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