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Manage your microservices with software, not tickets

Own Your Services

Houston is a service mesh that makes it easy for service teams to connect, configure, and collaborate across your microservices. Whether you have one service or one thousand, Houston can help you ship more and worry less.

Under the hood, Houston is based on CNCF’s Envoy, a modern service mesh proxy used at Lyft, Jet, Netflix, Stripe, and many others. Use Houston to define standardized, battle-tested policies and let developers stand up new services in minutes. Houston makes traffic shifting easy, whether you’re upgrading infrastructure and moving workloads across data-centers.

Houston is more than just configuration. It’s your mission control center for migrations, releases, hidden deployments, and resilience.

SLO Management

Define and manage latency and error targets for your service. Use retries, circuit breakers, and rate limiting to manage uptime without changing a single line of code.

Local Development

Develop and debug locally without running hundreds of containers on your laptop. Connect your code to a production-grade cluster and interact with real data.

Test in Production

Deliver new releases progressively. Deploy experimental versions, release to internal customers, or canary them with a small fraction of users. Easily turn off any version if looks bad.

Migrate to Kubernetes

Migrate from bare metal to EC2 to Kubernetes and back again, without a big bang. Stand up new infrastructure, split traffic, and compare performance in one place.

Houston is 100% API-driven, so you can automate everything.

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