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Production Shouldn’t Be Scary

In the cloud-native world, it’s impossible to run every microservice at full-scale anywhere other than production. Managing this architecture with decades-old tools is fragile. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Houston, by Turbine Labs, is a better way to solve common problems in the microservices world. It’s based on CNCF’s Envoy, a modern service mesh proxy used at Lyft, Google, Netflix, and Stripe. Houston is a control and management plane for the Envoy Proxy. It makes the full power of Envoy available to every developer in your organization.

Houston is more than just configuration. It’s your mission control center for migrations, releases, hidden deployments, and resilience.


Migrate from bare metal to EC2 to Kubernetes and back again, without a big bang. Stand up new infrastructure, split traffic, and compare performance in one place.


Build confidence in new releases safely. Deploy your new version, release to internal customers, canary it with a small fraction of users, and turn it off if anything looks bad.

Hidden Deployments

Stand up experimental branches in production that only you can see. Preview for key customers with their own data, or overload single instances to test performance.


Get another 9 of uptime without changing a line of code. Configure retries, health checks, circuit breakers, and more. Standardize policies every new service behaves the same.

Houston is 100% API-driven, so you can automate everything.

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