Mission Control for Production

Real-time control, collaboration, and feedback for your service mesh

Houston, by Turbine Labs

Traffic management for all, built with Envoy.

More than a control plane, Houston supercharges your Envoy deployment with powerful observability, an intuitive UI, and simple configuration. Envoy and Houston are designed to work in complex systems with hundreds of services and tens of thousands of nodes.

Houston brings that power to every developer and team in your organization.

A configuration screen with fields to edit how a particular route is mapped to a particular service.

Easily Configure Envoy

Envoy’s configuration APIs (CDS, RDS, EDS, and LDS, collectively known as xDS) are a complex, powerful language. Houston implements everything from cluster discovery to circuit breakers to route definitions, with safe defaults for all options.

A set of lines on a chart showing behavior of the different endpoints within a single software service.

Manage Services Effortlessly

Houston makes it easy to expose new services in just a few clicks. For teams with multiple services under their control, Houston makes it easy to define all the routes in a single group, and even update their rules simultaneously.

Already have a workflow for defining config in source code? Houston’s full-featured API makes it easy to integrate with your existing workflow.

A dialog box with a slider indicating what percentage of service traffic should be routed to a new version that is being released.

Real-time Feedback

Making changes in production can be risky, especially for infrequent projects like migrations or monolith decomposition. Houston exposes key Envoy metrics in an easy-to-use UI to give you real–time feedback. Easily compare request volume, latency, and error between versions or routes, even if you’re in the middle of an incremental release.

Houston integrates with common metrics standards, so you can mirror all these stats to statsd, Datadog, and others.

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Plays Well With Others

Houston leverages your existing service discovery and helps you generate routing rules based on available services. Houston includes integrations for everything from Kubernetes to flat files.

Choose from two ways to deploy Envoy: configure your existing fleet to work with our control plane, or deploy with our all-in-one proxy that includes everything in a single image.

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Tutorial: Kubernetes Install

Walk through launching Houston on Kubernetes in 5 minutes with our CEO Mark McBride.

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