Continuous Release for Cloud Apps.

Go beyond CI/CD with release previews, incremental blue/green release, and more.

Houston, by Turbine Labs

Make every release your best release.

Houston is a continuous release service that lets you roll out new software versions incrementally and roll back bad code within seconds when something is wrong. Get observability into your releases with detailed metrics across versions based on real customer traffic and deep infrastructure integration.

A dialog box with a slider indicating what percentage of service traffic should be routed to a new version that is being released.

Release Incrementally

Deploy new application versions without sending traffic to them, then send 1%, 10%, or 100% of customers to the new version.

Move as fast or as cautiously as you like, including re-releasing the old version if anything looks wrong.

A set of lines on a chart showing behavior of the currently released software version as compared to the version being released.

Compare Releases

Compare error rate, latency, and volume between deployed versions. If there are any problems, isolate the exact route that’s breaking.

All of Houston’s metrics are collected out-of-process by our proxy, so you can see exactly the same traffic that’s going to customers.

A segment from timeline describing changes to the monitored system. The selected event indicates that 15 minutes ago traffic routed to the version being released was bumped from 25% to 50% and that Mark was the person who made the change.

Share Automatically

Ramp up your release cadence, knowing your team will still have visibility into what’s happening.

Houston’s changelog records all your releases, including how fast traffic was shifted over and the person (or chatbot!) responsible. And for changes outside of releases, it plugs into your service discovery and orchestration to log instance restarts, cluster changes, and more.

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Plays Well With Others

Houston leverages the tags and labels of your existing infrastructure to group your software into release groups. Plug into the out-of-the-box functionality, or use our API to customizer your release tagging for maximum flexibility.

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Tutorial: Kubernetes Install

Walk through launching Houston on Kubernetes in 5 minutes with our CEO Mark McBride.

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